Thoughts on an ideal text editor

Key binds

Follow convention where reasonable:

SPACE and SHIFT-SPACE for going down and up half a screenful at a time.

TAB in ''insert'' mode indents when there's only whitespace to it's ''left'',
alternates between completion options.

TAB in ''normal'' mode alternates between indentation levels.

[esdf] for movement.

[zxcv] for what they're known for:
z for undo
x for cut
c for copy
v for paste

/q./ to quit, where /./ is one of the following:
q[ny] for Quit, No (to cancel) or Yes (to confirm)
qw for Quit, but Write first

/w./ to write, where /./ is one of the following:
wo for Write, do Overwrite
wq for Write, then Quit
wt for Write to Temporary folder /tmp

Motion-command over command-motion?

Added complexity:
Keeping track of cursor position before the last motion.

You know what character's the next command applies to before running it.
No need for character-wise commands such as x or ~.

Posix integration

So much about vim is redundant when you have POSIX command line utilities.
Why write a custom formatter when you could defer to fmt?