Goodhart's law

As defined by Charles Goodhart,
Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once
pressure is placed upon it for control purposes.

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Goodharts law is more powerful than even i imagined

Democracy is an abuse of statistics

Borges (allegedly) said
Democracia: es una superstición muy difundida, un abuso de la

Nassim Nicholas Taleb @nntaleb tweeted
Democracy: representation by a very narrow selection of people
whose principal attributes & skills are that they are very, very
good at being elected.

Grass-fed organic vegans

Nigel Best @NigelBest5 tweeted
Moore’s Law applied to co-option of labels and descriptions in
ag. Every time a novel label is applied to a practice/ food stuff,
it is co-opted in half the time of the previous co-option. Labels
are useless.

He was quoting White Oak Pastures @whiteoakpasture,
themselves quoting Will Harris:
"Product Greenwashing Is Destroying The Regenerative, Humane,
and Rural Community Building Farm Movement." -- Will Harris

Search engine optimization

Sari Azout @sariazout wrote
I miss the old days of the Internet when a Google search led to
discovering personal blogs and hidden gems instead of results
manufactured by SEO marketers.

Exploring the vastness of a website


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When you have more data easy to get Goodharts law in all things