vim the text editor

You might be looking for ./vi

On vim emulation
I tried a very popular editor's Vim mode after hearing praise. It's
missing tons of common keystrokes. Reminder: "Vim mode" is always a lie.

He also wrote this thread:
Vim is 442,929 lines of C. That's all editor (Vim isn't an
operating system like Emacs). "Vim for VS Code" is 18,870 lines
of TypeScript.
There is no such thing as Vim emulation. No one has ever recreated
the behavior of that four hundred thousand lines of code.
Vim doesn't mean hjkl. Vim is a state machine on a scale so large
that it takes years of regular use to even realize how huge it is!

(It goes on.)

.vimrc musings

scrolljump=-50 over scrolloff=999